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take a look at me now

it's 7 am, the sun is coming up over the car lot across the street from my apartment. there is a beautiful view of the city from here, but it's blocked by the walls. you can only see it from the roof, i guess.

later today, i will take the train into mahattan and get a little shopping done. i will go to new jersey and have dinner with my friends, i will come back here and shower and then i will probably go to sleep.

you will be inside of me every step i take, every breath i take, just like always.
i will picture you on the train beside me, i will imagine your response to the retarded guy who pees himself,
or the "homeless" guy wearing AF1's who walks through begging for money to keep his heat on.
i will walk beside you on the street, in broken unison as we weave in and out of the crowds of clueless tourists. i will keep pace with you from a small but ranging distance.
i will laugh when you say that new jersey smells like a pair of workboots
i will smile when you turn and see the skyline from across the river, and you stop for a minute.
then i will go home alone and remember the harshness of the truth,
that you are gone
(or i guess i am gone, aren't i?)
that i am in a city you have never even been to
and you're the only one who ever really knew me.
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