the big comedown (secretwishes) wrote,
the big comedown

no work today

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This is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen.
hah, how cute, Jess!

it's pretty.
I spy
10 days!!!
this is my new LJ- redgroovie is no more... please add me

Yesterday I saw this one old girl but it just wasnt quite the same and she said its been years yeah its been years scence anybodys's called called me by that name

and you my green haired girl
you my green haired girl

it's been years since anybody's called me by that name

but my hair is still green.
Miss please be careful. This weirdo is a known stalker on LJ and has many sock puppets. His game is to play the victim but it's all a phony come on to try and lure young unsuspecting women. He even stalked you at the Apple store. He is a 53 year old security guard who lives in a basement apartment and friends women in their 20's and as low as 12 year old girls! Just look at this friends list. Do not fall victim to his lies! He jerks.
You couldn't leave it alone, could you?
who are you now?
i got that. what brings you here?
If by that remark you mean that I sometimes help people in trouble, yes I do. But if you mean that I'm anything like this madman out there, then you're wrong again! Let me tell you something, That man is harming my reputation, so if you think you want him, I want him a damn sight more!
that makes no sense!

and i don't want anyone!

I did tell you the truth was painful.